If you are interested in reviewing a book for the ASEBL site, please contact the editor, Gregory F. Tague. Reviews will be written by experts in the field who should hold a doctorate. We are very selective about what will get reviewed, and we prefer to review books that (working within the aims and scope of the journal) fall into the general category of evolutionary studies, environmental ethics, or animal studies. Reviews should not use any footnoting software of any kind (and any notes or bibliography would simply be listed at the end without using such end-noting software). Reviews should not exceed 2,500 words. We do not provide review copies of books.
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This list does not include reviews by Prof. Tague of a "literary" nature, many of which can be found at the site of Consciousness, Literature and the Arts (a journal which has ceased publication), here

2 April 2015. Some older reviews were removed and worked into my book Evolution and Human Culture at the request of that series editor (Brill, 2016).  here 

Lisa Zunshine, editor. Introduction to Cognitive Cultural Studies. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins UP, 2010. Paperback. 400 pgs. ISBN: 9780801894886. $35.00US [9 July 2012 by Gregory F. Tague]

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Melanie Challenger, ed. Animal Dignity: Philosophical Reflections on Non-Human Existence. Bloomsbury Academic, 2024. [1 April 2024 by Gregory F. Tague]