Saturday, March 22, 2014

Moral Sense Colloquium II, Photos and Feedback

Dr. Diana Reiss
Prof. Julie Hecht

Luke Kluisza, Tyler Perkins, Dr. David Lahti, Dr. Gregory F. Tague

Dr. Kristy Biolsi, Jeannette Raymond, Lorianna Colon, Andrew Salzillo

Dr. Kevin Woo

Snacks and Relaxation at the End of the Day

Full Program and Abstracts HERE

Some Student Responses and Feedback HERE

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Moral Sense Colloquium II - Program

Moral Sense Colloquium, II. 7 March 2014, Noon to 6pm. St. Francis College.
Presentations and Panels, Founders Hall.
Breaks, and Reception, the Callahan Center.

12:00   Sign-in/coffee, Callahan
12:30   Welcome and Opening Remarks by Dr. Allen Burdowski, Dean of Academic Program Development, and Gregory F. Tague. Introductions of Dr. Diana Reiss and Julie Hecht by Dr. Kristy L. Biolsi
12:45   Dr. Diana Reiss [30 minutes]
1:15     Q/A regarding Dr. Reiss’s presentation [15-20 minutes]
1:35     Julie Hecht [30 minutes]
2:05     Q/A regarding Julie Hecht’s presentation [15-20 minutes]
2:30     Snack Break
3:00     Panel – Moral Sensations. Dr. Tague and Dr. David Lahti. Students Luke Kluisza and Tyler Perkins.
4:00     Panel – Evolved Ethics. Dr. Biolsi (Evolved Ethics Introduction). Students Jeannette Raymond (Neural Philosophy of Moral Behavior), Lorianna Colon (The Neural Mechanisms of Morality), and Andrew Salzillo (Innate Morality: The Code of Ethics Concerning the Human Captivity of Other Species). Dr. Kathleen Nolan (Evolved Ethics Conclusion).
5:00     Presentation: Dr. Kevin Woo. Cowardly Punks Travel in Packs: Social Responsibility in an Urban Environment. [15 minutes followed by Q&A]

5:30     Reception

Full Program, Bios, and Abstracts available HERE