Saturday, January 12, 2013

St. Francis College

The Mission of the Evolutionary Studies Collaborative (ESC) is to advance the study and discussion of evolution using an interdisciplinary approach. The Goals include working with students, faculty, and administrators to include clear and robust elements of evolution in courses, to foster an open conversation about evolution on campus (as well as in the classroom), and to promote a greater awareness and understanding of evolution in campus-wide (public) forums.

What we are doing now:

°        Collaborating with the ASEBL Journal / blog and Editions Bibliotekos website (ongoing)

°        Working on the second Moral Sense Conference

°        Independent Study (guided reading, particularly for non-science majors)

What we have planned:

°         Reading from Being Human: Call of the Wild [6 February, 4pm, Founders Hall]

°         Film/discussion: Are We Born Good? [TBA, April 2013]

°        Open Meeting/Discussion about ESC: [TBA, Fall 2013]

°         Evolutionary Presentation/Readings from Battle Runes: Writings on War [TBA, Fall 2013]

°         Artist/Science Collaborator Natalie Settles [TBA, Fall 2013]

°         Moral Sense Conference [TBA, Spring 2014]

°         Evolutionary Presentation/Readings from Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt [TBA, Fall 2014]

~ Senior Developers & Collaborators ~
Gregory F. Tague, Ph.D. (English), Irina Ellison, Ph.D. (Biology), Kristy Biolsi, Ph.D. (Psychology)

Faculty and students, feel free to contact any one of us (especially to collaborate)